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Dear Envision Festival,

I have been recording sound since a young girl, and I feel in my heart that I was born to create music for the masses. I was blessed to attend your festival in 2018 where I played a gathering of festival goers in Dominical. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Especially as a tribal producer to play such a magical place in the world. I was also so impressed to see Clozee headling, epecially as a fellow female producer. That means the world to me. Seeing a collective as yourself not see gender, but to see the talent and soul of the artist.

M3ta was one of the people I had met down there and I know he has been working hard to present the visuals. We have kept in touch and dream of working together in a platform such as yours. Below is a preview of a visual he created for an unreleased track of of mine:



My sound has a lot of upbeat rythm and drums and I love getting people to dance. I feel I fit best at night. If there are any slots available for 2022, or furthermore I would love to put on a show for the people, and build a solid repoire with your team in creating a magnificent show.


Blessings and love for you all in the new year,





IG @aliciaangeles 

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